Shooting Targets

Re-Nine Safety Target Cones and Silhouette Targets that work together creating a stand-alone target system. Our cardboard target system works as a stand to hold paper shooting targets.

Target Cones:

Target Cones come folded flat and interlock into a stand-alone cardboard target. Bottom flaps interlock creating a place for a hold-down weight to stabilize the target. Target Cones have preprinted targets along with sign flaps to hold other targets, also works great with self-adhesive targets, allowing for continued use.

Silhouette Targets:

Designed to work with Target Cones securely interlocking together creating a larger Target System. Silhouettes are 18 x 30 and work well with other target stands and target hangers. Silhouettes are preprinted with bullseye targets and feature several sign flaps to hold other targets in a variety of sizes.

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