Target Cones and Cardboard Silhouette Targets In-Store Display

3 Reasons to Become a Dealer for Re-Nine Shooting Targets

Re-Nine Safety is committed to building a good partnership with our dealers.  Our cardboard target design is to be used alone and with other targets and stands.  We strive to make our products as beneficial to our dealers as possible.

1. Great Value

The design of our cardboard targets adds value for our customers, both the end-user and our dealers.

Why not stock products that are proven to bring customers back for more?

Re-Nine Target Cones and Cardboard Silhouette Targets hold other paper targets.  Use our targets as a paper target stand.  Extend the use of the cardboard targets by simply replacing the paper targets when shot up.  You can also use self-adhesive reactive targets.  The use of additional paper & adhesive targets creates add-on sales for our dealers.  Learn more about the great value of our cardboard targets at  

2. Presentation

Why not stock products with a display proven to increase sales?

We have created point of purchase signage that is proven to sell our targets.

Shot Target Cone Holding Paper Target
Shot Target Cone Holding Paper Target
Shot Target Cone with Adhesive Target
Shot Target Cone with Adhesive Target
POP Signage
Point of Purchase Signage to Sell Cardboard Targets

We continue to improve our in-store presentation to help you sell more.  With updates after an analysis by SellCheck.  The 4C’s analysis review of how a display will; Command Attention, Connect with Customers, Convey Information, and Close the Sale.  

Our newest signage reflects lessons from analysis and our experience.  These offer a large bright image to command attention.  This image of an outdoor shooting range helps connect with the customer.  An emotional tie if customers are looking at shooting supplies, they would probably like to be out shooting.  We convey information with Re-Nine cardboard targets shown in use holding other paper targets.  A bright-colored call to action encourages customers to purchase from you.  The QR Code allows customers more information about our product, including video.

3. Simplicity

With UPC and an on-line ordering system, we continually strive to make working with our products as easy as possible for our dealers.

You can more easily manage inventory and expedite your sales process with every one of our targets having a UPC printed on them.  

We now have online dealer ordering through our website.  Place your orders at any time on your schedule.  We are more than happy to work directly with you, so please feel free to call or email us if you prefer.  You choose how you would like to work with us.

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