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Re-Nine Safety Disposable Safety Cones & Target Cones

© 2014 by Re-Nine Safety LLC

Re-Nine Safety, LLC Adds New Standalone Silhouette Target System

Re-Nine Safety is pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the Silhouette Target. Re-Nine Safety is a manufacturer of Safety Cones and Shooting Targets. The new Silhouette Target is designed to work in conjunction with the Target Cone to form a standalone Silhouette Target System. The Silhouettes can be used with other target stands or target hangers.

Re-Nine is continuing to incorporate some of the great selling features that our Target Cones currently have: including preprinted targets and sign flaps that can hold a multitude of different targets and signs. The new Silhouette Targets also have preprinted silhouettes and several bulls eye targets giving you a range of target points. Sign flaps on the Silhouette Targets allow you to use other targets in a variety of sizes, even after the preprinted targets have been shot. Self adhesive targets also allow continued shooting to maximize your use of the Target Cones and Silhouette Targets.

Re-Nine Safety has targets in stock, including the new Silhouette Targets, in numerous gun and tactical shops. To find a dealer close to you or to order direct visit our website at www.re-nine.com.