Multiple Combo Pack

Our Combo Pack includes both Silhouette Targets and Target Cones.  This creates a target system and stand that can be used several times and is lightweight and easy to store.  

  • Combo Pack = 2 Target Cones & 4 Silhouette Targets: Together creates 47″ Tall Target System
  • Target cones come flat, fold together and interlock forming a sturdy 28″ tall stand-alone target
  • Target cones have sign flaps on the face that can hold other targets of varying sizes
  • Silhouette Targets, have printed targets, hold other targets, can be used with other target stands
  • Target cones have bottom flaps that interlock together providing to place hold down weight
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions30 × 18 × 2 in
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Target Cone & Silhouette TargetTarget Cone & Silhouette TargetMultiple Combo Pack