5-Pack Target Cones


Target Cones are durable 28″ high stand-alone shooting targets.  The simple design also allows them to be used as target stands holding other shooting targets.  Target Cones fold flat for easy transport and storage.


Target Cones work well as free-standing targets and as target holders for other printed targets.

  • Sturdy 28″ tall stand-alone shooting target
  • Additionally, use sign flaps to hold other shooting targets with Target Cones
  • Place a hold-down weight on bottom flaps in order to secure in place
  • Transport and store Target Cones conveniently by folding them flat
  • Read the story about how Lee came up with the idea and started Re-Nine Safety all when still in school
  • Check out these videos? and you can see how durable Target Cones are
  • Includes 5 Target Cones
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions29 × 14 × 2 in
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