Delta D80 - Target Video Screen Shot

Delta D80 – Target Video

Best reusable, affordable targets.| Re-nine Safety

Check out this video showing our cardboard targets and steel target stands, from Delta D80.


Go over to Re-Nine Safety and check out these targets, guys.  I really truly appreciate them sending them out to me and helping out the channel for today’s shooting.  Again thank you to Re-Nine Safety for sending these uh targets out for the channel today, appreciate it guys.  These targets are very simple to set up.  Let’s just go through it real quick.  You got these little pieces here, this is the male tab goes inside the female just like that.  There’s instructions on it so if you don’t know how it’s just a simple as reading or following instructions.  Fold these over and then fold these over, take these little ears, they fold and everything folds very nicely.  It’s like there’s creases on everything.  All right another nice lovely day out here again today so we brought some more targets out, some more stuff we’re testing out.  And, uh, of course the Re-Nine Safety these Re-Nine safety targets are very amazing.  Now guys, we’ve already used this target as you guys can see, but don’t throw it away ‘cuz guess what?  Like I said earlier you guys can, uh, you guys can reuse these very nicely the triangle sets up and you set it up just like this.  I didn’t mean to throw that off to the side.  The target sets up just like this, now we can put targets on here if we had like shooting SE targets we could also put those on here and reuse this.  But, today what we’re going to do is we’re going to use our other target that attaches to this and makes it nice and high so, uh, it’s as simple as popping this tab out to hold the cardboard just like this.  All right, a very straight forward. All we’re going to do, let me hold this down because it’s a little uneven, we’re going to pop that in there.  We’re going to take this tab and run it on down inside, hold this out and just like that we have now have ourselves a shooting cone or another target instead of the cone and the cone acts like a base for it.  So very cool cardboard.  There we go, there is another Re-Nine target this one’s very easy guys, this is the stand.  As you guys can see how small it is as compared to some of my other stands that I have out there that do not break down and collapse this small.  This takes up half the space those do so pretty cool.  I like this setup, very easy.  Now this is the first time I’m actually pulling this out but I’ve watched other videos of how easy this is. You just take the wing nuts off; I’m going to put them right here so I don’t lose them in the snow.  Very, very straightforward and very simple.  Boom, take the wing nuts out, now inside this base it has little notches, right here and right here and then it has these pieces of sheet metal that literally just pop right into there and right into there.  Take it over where you need, flip it over like we’re going to do right here.  This is where we’re setting our stand up.  So we’re literally going to put it right here, boom, done.  Take your two by ones and they are ready to go right into them.  Just like that you guys.  Remember my last time I was out here, we used this target right back up there, it’s as simple as just putting it up there and stapling it.  If you guys want, you guys could use something like clamps, whatever.  I’m going to staple mine because I prefer mine to be stapled and boom, just like that we are good to go, done.  That target was so much easier to put up that this one ever here, it uses a lot less space.  I definitely prefer these Re-Nine Safety Targets, much easier and they’re very affordable, guys.  Link in description.  So, hey, I just want to thank my sponsor today for my targets.  These guys make some great targets.  Re-Nine Safety, go check them out.

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