Jesse B Outdoors Re-Nine Safety Metal 1x2 Target Stand and Cardboard Targets - Made In The USA

Jesse B Outdoors – Target Stand Video

Re-Nine Safety Metal 1×2 Target Stand and Cardboard Targets – Made In The USA


Today were going to be taking a look at a target stand and some targets from Re-Nine Safety and that’s
coming up next here on Jesse B. Outdoors.
Welcome back everybody and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, hit that notification bell, leave a
comment down below if you like videos like this. First off I’d like to thank Re-Nine Safety for sending
this out to the channel for us to try out. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take this over to the
table, unbox it and show you everything that comes with the stand. I’m going to tell you some info on it
and then I also got some different kind of targets here from them. I’m going to show you a
demonstration pollster they sent me of the different targets they have and then we’re going to take it
outside, set it up and shoot at it so let’s get started. Now before we even open this package up to see
what comes with it I want to show you two things here, made in the USA, got to love that, and In God
We Trust. That’s one reason why I wanted to do a video for these guys is they are made in the USA and
In God We Trust, love that about a company that has their thoughts like that about our country that it’s
made in America and they believe in God. Really like that. So let’s open this up here and check out our
little stand here. Now this is a very basic stand, it is made lit this for storage and then you take it apart
to put it together to turn it into the stated and that’s everything that comes in the box. I’m going to get
it set up here and then we’re going to go over some of the features about it. Now for the instructions,
they give you those right here on the back side of the box here that’s why there wasn’t no other papers
in there. So now I’m going to get it set up. Now this is very easy to do, you just undo the two wing nuts
here and then you just put these slots into the slots right here and that makes it to hold it and then what
you would do then is you would put your one by twos in here on these on each side here, put those up
the mount want your targets. Very nice setup here and I like that it comes with the screws and
everything to break this down if you want to travel with it to break it down to make it compact. Really
like that about it. Now what you do so these legs don’t fall out is you put your, uh, wing nut and your
bolt back in here, tighten these up here and I’m going to speed up the camera here real quick and that’ll
tighten those down so they won’t fall out while you’re using it. And, now that they’re tightened up here
we can lift this up and those legs are not falling out. That holds them in nice, very nice setup. Let’s go
over some of the features about this 1×2 target stand. It’s made from welded steel, the steel tube being
holds your 1 by twos and your targets, the legs attached to the sides of the base for compact storage
and for travel. It’s made from unfinished mild steel and that way you can paint it whatever color you
want and as I mentioned earlier another thing I like about it is it’s made in the USA. Now, they sent me
a nice little poster here of all the targets they have. Here you can see they got the target cone, use it
alone or you can use it to hold other targets. Then you got the targets here that you can use with the
stand and they just show you all the different ways here that they can set it up on there. You can see
there is a bunch of different ways on that and then they have a QR code right here, what I’m going to so
is I’m going to set this up actually on the stand but I do have all these different targets they sent out h
me so I could do any combo like this I want. But, I really want to try it out on the stand so let’s get
outside and do it and see how it works. Now we’re outside and we got the Re-Nine Target set up here.
We’re out here at about 5 yards. What we have here is my Glock Gen 3 Clone here that I’ve done and I
got to sight in the red dot on it so I figured what better way to use this target to show you guys how to

use it that to sight this in. So what I’m going to so is like I said, 5 yards here, I’m going to try to sight this
in here real quick and this is a perfect way to do. All right, all right, that one I threw a little bit but it
looks like it’s pretty good here, let’s go back to 10 yards where I normally shoot and see where it hits.
There, now we’re back here at about 10 yards. Make a mental note of where those three are and if you
guys don’t follow the channel and don’t know I have a muscle disease so I’m not the greatest shooter in
the world but I could tell when I’m close to seven. So, let’s try this here, looks like I pulled that one all
right for my kind of shooting, right here seems pretty good. Let’s drop this magazine and what I’m going
to do is I’m going to go for a different spot, let’s try that top right target here. All aright, I shot those
kinda quick. All right, now we’re going to go for that top one there dead center. All right, let’s go take a
look at those, all right made the adjustment here let’s go for that top left one. All right, let’s go take a
look at those. So, what’s my final thoughts here of the Re-Nine Safety Target Stand and Target System
here, give it a thumbs up. Works out good for what he needed to if you need to get something sighted
in or if you guys practice for competitions and you shoot at paper targets this would be a great setup for
you. Once again I’d like to thank Re-Nine for sending this out to the channel for us to try out. Like I said
I’m not the best shooter but this does help me get a little bit more dialed in and I really like that so once
again I’d like to thank Missouri Bullet Company for sending the lead out to the channel to make the
bullets that we used in this video. Also, don’t forget to check the links out down below down there. I
have links to Axle Hearing Protection, Gators Eyewear and a bunch of other companies. I like dealing
with some of them, got discount codes to save you guys money and some of them are affiliate accounts
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leave a comment down below. We are one nation under God and I’ll see you all on the next one.

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