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Re-Nine Safety Disposable Safety Cone with Job Sign and Caution Tape

At Re-Nine Safety, our mission has consistently been to enhance the utility and value of our products. Our journey began with the innovation of our Safety Cone design, featuring unique Sign Flaps. This addition transformed the cones into versatile holders for various signs such as For Sale, Direction, and Job Signs, among others, significantly increasing their functionality for our customers. Additionally, these Sign Flaps have become a game-changer in attaching paper targets to our Target Cones, marking a significant leap in our product’s functionality. Our current focus is on the shooting targets sector, with a special spotlight on our Cardboard Targets

Lee originally came up with the Disposable Safety Cone idea when he was a teenager. Once he figured out the design and had prototypes made; it was just too convenient to use them to hold paper targets. This discovery led to the creation of the Target Cone. You can read about the start of Re-Nine Safety in the article: https://www.re-nine.com/news-media/getting-started-re-nine-safety/

Re-Nine Safety Original Prototype Cardboard Target Cones - Shooting Range Test, Mission

How long has it been since your last visit to the shooting range? Seize every opportunity to refine your skills. Re-Nine cardboard targets are designed for versatility and enabling you to effortlessly switch between targets for continuous practice. The Sign Flaps are a standout feature, offering the adaptability to use a wide range of paper target sizes and enhancing the longevity of the standalone cardboard targets with compatibility for self-adhesive targets, maximizing the value of your practice sessions.

Silhouette Target
Silhouette Target
Target System with Paper Target
Target System with Paper Target
Compact 1 x 2 Target Stand
Compact 1 x 2 Steel Target Stand
Boxed Compact 1x2 Steel Target Stand
Boxed Compact 1×2 Stand

At the core of our mission, we’re dedicated to enhancing our customers’ experiences through innovative product design. Our cardboard targets stand out with their unique sign flaps feature, enhancing versatility for shooters. This innovation is not limited to our Target Cones; it’s also ingeniously incorporated into our Silhouette Targets. Together, they create a 47′ tall, free-standing cardboard target system capable of supporting various targets. Our commitment to convenience and efficiency shines through with our Steel Compact 1×2 Stand. Designed with compactness in mind, it offers effortless storage and portability, perfectly fitting in vehicles for easy transportation to the shooting range, and occupying minimal space in storage areas. Its compact nature makes the 1×2 Stand a favored choice among numerous small gun shops we proudly partner with.

Re-Nine Safety is here to elevate your target shooting sessions.

Shoot Often, Be Safe & Have Fun.

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