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Why are these Cardboard Targets such a Great Value?

Shooting sports can get expensive without throwing away money needlessly. You should take advantage of a great value and save money when you can. Learn why these cardboard targets are such a great value. 

Target Cone
Target Cone

Cardboard Target Cones & Target Holder

Target Cones are light-weight and stack flat for easy storage and transport.  Ideal for keeping behind your truck seat or in the trunk of a car.  Storing them in a closet or the garage takes little space.  The cones easily fold and lock together, forming a rigid twenty-eight-inch tall target.  You can place weight on the bottom flaps if needed.  Printed targets include several aiming points.  You choose the side with or without the one-inch sighting grid.  Sign flaps on the face of the cones make it useful as a target holder.  These can hold several different sizes of paper targets.

Cardboard Silhouette Targets & Target Holder

Cardboard Silhouette Targets have a printed Silhouette, Bowling Pin/Q style target, and several aiming points.  The Cardboard is a rectangle cut with sign flaps that allow you to hold many different-sized paper targets.  You can use the 18”x30” cardboard silhouette with many different target stands.

Cardboard Target Stand

You can attach the Silhouette Target to a Target Cone.  Used together forms a forty-seven-inch tall target stand.  In this taller configuration, most shots will be through the Silhouette Target.  You can then replace the cardboard silhouette as needed and keep using the base, Target Cone.  

Target Cone & Silhouette Target Holding 100 Yard Rifle Target
Target Cone & Silhouette Target Holding 100 Yard Rifle Target

Change the Target!

Probably the best value from these targets is the ability to keep using them.  The sign flaps design allows you to shoot up the printed targets on them.  Then place paper targets over the used portion and keep shooting.  You can change the target multiple times, getting more use from these cardboard targets.  They work great with self-adhesive and reactive targets.  Several websites offer printable targets you can print yourself.  Just a few are NSSF, Mossy Oak & Accurate Shooter

Get Yours Today

If you conceal carry and need practice, these targets are a great value.  If you are getting ready for hunting season, these targets are a great value.  If you are a first-time gun owner these targets are a great value.  Whatever reason you have to participate in shooting sports.  We hope you will start saving with the great value our Target Cones and Cardboard Silhouette Targets offer.  

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