Shooting Targets

Cardboard Targets

Re-Nine Safety Cardboard Shooting Targets; Target Cones and Silhouette Targets that work together creating a stand-alone target system. Our cardboard target system works as a stand to hold paper shooting targets.

Target Cones:

Target Cones come folded flat and interlock into a stand-alone cardboard target. Bottom flaps interlock creating a place for a hold-down weight to stabilize the target. Target Cones have preprinted targets along with sign flaps to hold other targets, also works great with self-adhesive targets, allowing for continued use.

Silhouette Targets:

Designed to work with Target Cones securely interlocking together creating a larger Target System. Silhouettes are 18 x 30 and work well with other target stands and target hangers. Silhouettes are preprinted with bullseye targets and feature several sign flaps to hold other targets in a variety of sizes.

Delta D80 – Best reusable, affordable targets.

Steel Target Stand

Compact 1×2 Target Stand for cardboard targets. At Re-Nine Safety, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and dealers, and this new product is no exception. Our stand has been designed to be compact, ensuring easy storage and transportation, and making it an efficient addition to any gun store’s inventory.
– Welded base constructed of mild unfinished steel and steel tubing.
– Legs bolt flat to the side of the base for compact storage and easy transport.
– Assembles quickly with legs sliding into place and bolts clamping them securely in place.
– Ground stake holes on the legs ensure it stays securely in grounded.
– 18” stance holds most common cardboard silhouette targets including Re-Nine Safety Silhouettes.
– Made in the U.S.A.

Compact 1 x 2 Target Stand Boxed
Compact 1 x 2 Target Stand - Compact
Compact 1 x 2 Target Stand - Components
Jesse B Outdoors – Metal 1×2 Target Stand and Cardboard Targets – Made In The USA
Compact 1 x 2 Target Stand
Compact 1 x 2 Steel Target Stand for Cardboard Targets
Compact 1x2 Target Stand with 1x2 & Silhouette Target
Compact 1×2 Target Stand with 1×2 & Silhouette Cardboard Target


You Can Print Your Own Targets to use with Re-Nine Cardboard Targets

Take your shooting practice to the next level by creating personalized targets for use with Re-Nine Cardboard Targets. Why not use that perfect shot from your trail camera to prepare for hunting season? We invite you to print any design that meets your training needs. Click the link below to access a selection of FREE printable targets courtesy of the NSSF.

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